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sâmbătă, 23 martie 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge #3

.click here before I throw a zombie at you!
It has been near three weeks guys! I don't know how much I can stay alive, but I have to. I'll never give up to these brainless monkeys.

Letter to the former owners 
 Dear Mr & Mrs Andrew who used to live here. I think your house is very nice and warm, and if there wouldn't have been zombies lurking outside, it would've been even nicer. I found a backpack and I filled it with all the things I thought I need, in order to stay alive. I found a shotgun hid under a desk and a small pistol. Of course I took them. It's not like you' d need them anymore, right? In the garage I found a fine basseball bat and I took it. Heck yeah, I'll enjoy using it :)
I also found some food. A lot of chocolate bars, a salammi and some bread, and of course a termos filled with tea. The little knifes in the kitchen are not going to be that usefull, but I still put them in my pockets. I took some matches, a lighter, a flashlight and I changed my clothes with others. It's cold at night, you know? I slept in the room with the blue door, and don't you worry, I made the bed :)

This is my last day here and at midnight I'll hit the road. I'll have to find a new place to sleep at day, because I usually move at night. Thank you for hosting me, it's been nice and I'll never forget you, this is why I'll give you some piece of advice. Take the other bat in the garage and do this:

See you next time and be sure I'll live. Furelise's not going to give up! :)

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  1. Ippp, ultima imagine e mișto:* Și aia din mijlocul postării, cu ăla care lovește cu bâta e mortală *propriu și figurat*:))

  2. Nominalizare : http://denisasbooks.blogspot.ro/2013/03/leapsada-inca-una.html :*

  3. Waai. Acum aș vrea un zombie ca să-l pot lovi cu bâta. :)) Mă și văd în locul ăluia din a doua imagine. :)


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