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miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012


Here are some nice contest you can join. There's not much to do, and the prizes are amazing!

1.Click here! It is an international giveaway where you can win the book Kindrer by Jessica Redmerski. The giveaway ends on the 4th of December so you have plenty of time to enter via the Rafflecopter

2.Click here! For a chance to win the book 'Venom' by Fiona Paul, and the tasks are really simple. The giveaway ends somewhere around the 28th of this month :)

3.Click here! Here you can win the Hush Hush serie, but it's only for Romanian bloggers :) The giveaway ends on the 22nd of November

4.Click here! You can win one of 6 amzing books. Only for Romanian bloggers; the contest lasts until 25 November, and all you have to do is say what's your favourite book from CorinTeens or Leda.

Good luck sweethearts! <3

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